Recent Clients

Our work covers an array of national and international institutions, charities and other not-for-profit organisations. No two organisations are the same, but our strengths will help you to realise your full fundraising potential and identify opportunities as they arise.

We are only as good as the results we help our clients to achieve. Below is a snapshot of projects we have worked on.

Holy Trinity Cathedral Auckland

Resources Study and Capital Campaign

A $15.5million project to complete and consecrate the Cathedral. 
We conducted the Resources Study and provided the Campaign Management for the project.

King’s School Auckland

Resources Study and Capital Campaign

A $30million classroom block is under construction after a successful $10million Capital Campaign. Click here to see the project.
We conducted the Resources Study and established the systems and protocols for the in-house staff to manage the Campaign.

Harbour Hospice

Resources Study and Capital Campaign

We helped raise $4million from the local community to build a new community hospice.
We conducted the Resources Study and coached and mentored the campaign manager to reach the goal.
We are now doing the same for a $30million hub building in Takapuna.

Stroke Foundation of New Zealand

Fundraising Audit and Resources Study

On changing their national structure, the Stroke Foundation sought outside expertise to ensure their fundraising strategy would be able to meet their needs. We conducted an audit of opportunities and helped test their major gifts potential.

Auckland City Mission

Strategy Review and Resources Study

The City Mission has to grow to meet the needs of Auckland’s most vulnerable. We have been a critical part of the scoping and framing of the plans for new premises and building the $40million campaign.

Presbyterian Church of New Zealand

Strategic Consultancy

Through its growth arm Press Go, we have been involved in planning for a range of parishes throughout New Zealand, from Capital Campaigns to income strategies.