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Gifting Strategy brings a wealth of hands-on experience in charitable giving to help your organisation put in place a comprehensive, well-managed and cost-effective fundraising operation.

Please take a moment to review the range of fundraising management and fundraising consulting services we offer our not-for-profit clients.

Charitable Income Management

The best fundraising operations in the world are built on a balanced use of three platforms, with the right tools and expertise to get the job done:

Capital Campaigns

Opportunity-driven to fund special projects and programmes
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These volunteer-led, person-to-person asking campaigns are geared to raise as much money as possible, as quickly as possible from (initially) the fewest number of prospects, for a specific project or programme. Capital campaigns demand detailed planning, the packaging of an attractive and urgent ‘Case for Support’, careful prospect identification and the enlistment and support of a team of volunteer ‘leaders’ to give and get financial commitments at the levels needed to achieve the goal.

Operational Funding

Budget-driven to sustain operations
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Charities are under great pressure to raise ongoing, unrestricted funding and need committed and sustained annual support from their supporters and friends more than ever to make sure that day-to-day operating expenses are met. Often plans are haphazard and activity based. We can show you how to tie them together so that your supporters learn to become gifters.

Our specialists can work with you on any or all aspects of your annual appeal:
  • Develop an Annual Fundraising Plan
  • Plan and conduct a supporter survey
  • Review your fundraising database and make recommendations on IT provision to match your needs
  • Conduct a communications and marketing review and develop an awareness-building and donor aquisition plan (including the development of traditional and new media fundraising tools and materials)
  • Start up a direct mail, major gifts or planned giving programme
We can support you with interim fundraising management, mentoring and staff selection and training.

Endowment Campaigns (Bequests)

Vision-driven to secure the future
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Forward-thinking organisations are establishing meaningful Endowment Funds where the capital is invested in perpetuity. The earnings are then used to implement new projects and provide financial stability.

The most successful means of funding an endowment is through a Bequest Fundraising Programme. We are witnessing the greatest exchange of wealth from one generation to another in history. Our clients, across a wide range of not-for-profit organisations, are achieving outstanding results from this type of fundraising.

Charitable Consultancy

Through periodic consulting support from Gifting Strategy, not-for-profit organisations have successfully addressed specific development goals that have then been implemented by their own staff. Depending on your objectives, one of our consulting options may be just what is needed.

Resources Studies

"We need to raise a large amount of money for a specific project in a short period of time!"
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The Resources Study is the right place to start. It is a qualitative process that works out exactly where the money is for your specific project or programme. Conducted by one of the senior members of our team, the study will clearly establish the attainability of your organisation’s capital fundraising goals.

Strategy Reviews

"We are considering starting a new or growing an existing Development Office, but are not sure where to begin."
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Or do you want to extend or radically change an existing development function? Perhaps you need to add influential volunteers to assist an essentially staff-driven fundraising process. How do you go about it?

The Strategy Review is designed to help you quickly address these questions in a no-nonsense practical way. The questions you need answered can be professionally determined by examining the potential sources of funding available, the right tools and mix of tools to secure them and the operational and information management systems employed. As part of the Review we add top quality research to provide an external comparative analysis, which means with our actionable report, you get the benefit of best practice models from around the world.


"We already receive donations each year, but now need to increase this source of income."
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Many organisations are so busy meeting fundraising goals they do not have the time to assess if they are missing opportunities or using their resources the best they can.

If your organisation wants to achieve significant performance gains from its existing fundraising programme, we’ll sit down with your stakeholders - board members, volunteers, managers and givers - to work out where these funds can be found. By looking at what elements of your programmes are in place, how they are run and how data and resources are managed, we’ll help you identify new opportunities.

During the audit we’ll work with you to develop an Annual Fundraising Plan, ranging from ‘big gift’ funding to direct mail, which will include guidance on the best systems available for your organisation’s specific needs.