About Gifting Strategy

Gifting Strategy is different from all other consultancies in Australasia. We recognise that if any part of your income comes from charitable giving, then you need a different approach.

People are at their most generous when they make gifts. Rather than just ‘giving away’ money, gifting is an act of commitment. A strategy built on people’s gifting will secure the commitment of your supporters and ensure the sustainability of your work.

Usually the first step is to understand what you already have, and make the most of your strengths. We provide high-level business planning and disciplines for major projects in the not-for-profit sector. Usually that is based on helping establish the most cost efficient way to ensure your gifters’ money achieves effective results. 

With good management, most organisations have access to better and more cost efficient resources than you will ever get from an outside agency.

As such, we work with organisations to make sure you have the tools and relationships you need to thrive and achieve your goals.